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PADCON - Future technologies

Pioneering, modular and efficient

True to the maxim "Everything from a single source", PADCON offers first-class system solutions for yield-orientated and accurate PV monitoring.

1st Level: PADCON SCADA components are the basis for the supervision, control and data acquisition of a photovoltaic power plant. Perfectly synchronised and constantly enhancing, they convey an accurate picture of the plant availability, its performance as well as different environmental
parameters at all times.

2nd Level: Thanks to the modular and flexible design of the PADCON system, data can be stored and archived either directly on the plant, on the customer's server or classically in the PADCON data center.

3rd Level: Powerful tools for visualisation, troubleshooting and organisation as well as documentation support plant operators with professional plant monitoring. In addition, PADCON offers a comprehensive service concept with the ControlCenter and the creation of individual reports.

The PADCON Float Controller (PID KILLER) regenerates photovoltaic modules affected by PID (Potential Induced Degradation) and also prevents PID from occurring at all. The solution is easy to implement and compatible with all inverters and string sizes.