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Clear, accurate to the second and available worldwide

The WebPortal is the perfect tool for professional plant monitoring – at any time and anywhere in the world – thanks to its clear overview of all key plant parameters and flexible analytical tools. Faults and alarms generated on the plant by the SCADA system are visualised and archived in the WebPortal in the form of fault messages.

In addition to a varietyof live values in clear tabs (plant structure, inverter view, MV switch positions, DC Combiner and many others), all the measured values in the database can be viewed and compared in the free analysis and exported in the form of CSV files. The plant operator has visual contact with the plant at all times through the integration of WebCam solutions and can verify any performance problems reported due to shading or snow on the modules.

Individual views and values can be implemented in addition to the standard views. This powerful application can be used as a local application in addition to the web-based version and thus satisfies the highest security requirements.

Monitoring portal for visualisation, analysis and archiving of data

Monitoring portal for visualisation, analysis and archiving of data

  • RealTime monitoring
  • Versatile analysis functions
  • Automatic fault detection
  • Yield checking